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Edema — A condition in which fluid fills a damaged joint area with excessive fluid causing swelling similar to the swelling of a twisted ankle.
Efferent — Carrying away from a central organ; nerve impulses leaving the brain to peripheral tissues.
EMG — Electromyogram; a device used to measure muscle tone and detect subluxation patterns by detecting changes in electrical activity in millionths of a volt.
EMS — Electro-Muscle Stimulation; a form of electrical stimulation designed to reduce swelling and inflammation.
Examination — The process of inspecting and testing the body and its systems to determine the presence or absence of disease or injury.
Extension — To stretch out or to spread to its fullest length or reach.
Facet — A small, smooth area on bone or other hard surface.
Facilitative Lesion — A twisting or stretching of nerve tissue due to a malfunctioning spine.
Fixation — Being held in a fixed position. An area of the spine with restricted movement.
Flaccid — Soft, limp.
Flexion — To bend to the side, forward, or backward.
Foramen — A small opening.
Frontal — Pertaining to the forehead.
Health — A state of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.
Homeostasis — A state of physiological equilibrium produced by a balance of functions and of chemical composition within an organism.
Hypermobility — Excess movement of an area of the spine.
Hypomobility — Restricted movement of an area of the spine.
ICD-9 Codes — International Classification of Diseases Codes.
Impairment — A loss, alteration or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function.
Inferior — Lower in position.
Inflammation — A reaction of soft tissue due to injury that may include malfunction, discomfort, rise in temperature, swelling, and increased blood supply.
Initial Intensive Care— A type of chiropractic care characterized by frequent visits for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the patients major complaint.
Interference — Damage or deficit to the nervous system.
Intervertebral Disc — Fibrocartilage padding between vertebral bodies that act as a shock absorber, with a pulpy center that acts as a ball-bearing.
Intervertebral Foramina — The lateral opening through which spinal nerve roots exit the spinal column.
Kyphosis — From the side, the backward curve of the spine seen in the thoracic spine.
Lateral — The side view of the body.
Lipping — The development of a bony outgrowth.
Listing — A system used to describe the motion or position of vertebral segments in relation to adjacent vertebral segments.
Lordosis — From the side, the forward curve of the spine, found in the cervical and lumbar spine.
Lumbar — The vertebrae of the lower back, usually five bones.

About Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu  completed his medical education and training in China. (The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Shandong University Medical College respectively) Over 20 years clinic and research experiences in both medical school and hospital, Dr. Lu learned both West Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine including modern medical technology, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and specializing in neurology. After years practice and accomplishments in China, Dr. Lu was invited as a visiting  professor at the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine in 1991. After excellent achievements in research program funded by NIH and NSF, Dr. Lu decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic in order to introduce the Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Western culture. Obtained Doctor Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Lu became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified Acupuncturist and began his practice in Dallas Texas since then. Dr. Lu learned NAET and became a NAET Instructor in 2003 and 2014 respectively. In 2007 Dr. Lu was voted the best Acupuncturist in the City of Richardson by Living Magazine. In 2013, Dr. Lu was rated the Best Chiropractor in City of Plano. In 2014 advanced to America's Top Chiropractors specialized in Natural Medicine.


Dr. Lu Acu

Doctor of Chiropractic
Board Certified Acupuncturist
M.D. in China
Over 20 years of Clinic Experience
Member of ACA

Best Chiro 2013

Natural Medicine

America's Top Chiro

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