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Commonly Asked Questions About Chiropractic:



At What Age Should Chiropractic Begin?

Newborn s have received spinal adjustments especially after difficult or traumatic births. There are case histories of infants close to death who were adjusted in hospital with seemingly miraculous recoveries.

Is Chiropractic Similar to Massage?

NO. Chiropractic deals with the spinal column, nervous system, meninges,  and body structure. Massage therapists deal with muscle tension, circulation and body fluid drainage.

How Often Should I Get a Spinal Adjustment?

The answer is "As soon as you develop subluxations." But since subluxations are often painless, it is good to get your spine checked periodically, as you get your teeth checked periodically for "painless" cavities.

What Cause the Sound of An Adjustment?

Actually, not all adjusting techniques produce the sound associated with "popping Knuckles." Some create no sound at all, some a little. Many techniques, however, do create the sound of a spinal "release." What causes it? The mystery may have been solved by Britsh research team that took X-ray movies of people "popping" their knuckles. The sound appeared to be caused by gas rushing in to fill the partial vacuum created when the joints were slightly separated

Is It Bad To "Crack" Your Neck Or Back a Lot?

The desire to pop the neck or back is caused by tension from jammed or fixated vertebra, which causes another part of the spine to compensate by moving too much and "popping" a lot. The jammed part should be adjusted by a chiropractor so that the rest the spinal column will balance and stop being so movable and noisy.

Can Chiropractic Prevent Back Surgery?

In a majority of cases, the answer is a resounding "YES".

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic is among the safest  of healing arts. As proof, one merely has to compare malpractice rates between chiropractors and other health professionals. Chiropractors' malpractice premiums are a small fraction of those for medical doctors, espeically for orthopedists and surgeons.. 

Can I Go To See Chiropractor If I'm Under Medical Care?

YES, Having your subluxation corrected is important, no matter what other type of health care you are receiving. Today many D.C.s and M.D.s are working together in clinics and on joint research projects. M.D.s are quite likely to have patients who are under chiropractic care; in fact many medical doctors see a doctor of chiropractic themselves.

Can I Tell If I Have A Subluxation Without Consulting A Chiropractor?

Not always. A subluxation is like a dental cavity--you may have it for a long time before symptoms appear. That's why periodic spinal checkups are so important. Although it may be possible to know you have a subluxation, it is rarely possible to be sure you don't. An occasional spinal checkup is always a good idea.

Can Spines Automatically Go Back In Places?

YES. There verified instances of blind people recovering eyesight after a fall, of individuals able to walk again after their wheelchair was thrown and of amnesiacs who remember their past after receiving a trauma----these are examples of " accidental adjustments." A visit to the chiropractor is a lot safer.

Also, many types of therapy, including massage and various body work, can reduce musculoskeletal stress, sometimes permitting the spine to automatically realign, as will a cathartic emotional release. Occasionally, even a good night's sleep can correct subluxation.

About Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu  completed his medical education and training in China. (The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Shandong University Medical College respectively) Over 20 years clinic and research experiences in both medical school and hospital, Dr. Lu learned both West Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine including modern medical technology, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and specializing in neurology. After years practice and accomplishments in China, Dr. Lu was invited as a visiting  professor at the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine in 1991. After excellent achievements in research program funded by NIH and NSF, Dr. Lu decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic in order to introduce the Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Western culture. Obtained Doctor Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Lu became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified Acupuncturist and began his practice in Dallas Texas since then. Dr. Lu learned NAET and became a NAET Instructor in 2003 and 2014 respectively. In 2007 Dr. Lu was voted the best Acupuncturist in the City of Richardson by Living Magazine. In 2013, Dr. Lu was rated the Best Chiropractor in City of Plano. In 2014 advanced to America's Top Chiropractors specialized in Natural Medicine.

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Doctor of Chiropractic
Board Certified Acupuncturist
M.D. in China
Over 20 years of Clinic Experience
Member of ACA

Best Chiro 2013
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