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To Know Before and During NAET Treatment


Before The Treatment:

* Wash hands before and after each treatment.
* NAET treatments and acupuncture should not be taken when you are hungry or dehydrated. Eat or have a snack and water prior to scheduled appointments.
* Please bathe before you come for a treatment and wear clean clothing to avoid scents of deodorants, perfumes, smoke, perspiration, aftershave, or hairspray interfering with the testing.
* Do not apply deodorants, perfumes, aftershave, or hairspray.
* Do not smoke after bathing and do not smoke on the way to your appointment.
* Remove all jewelry and avoid wearing large crystals, beading, stone, metal, glass or plastic decorations on clothing. No cellular phones, keys, pocket knives, coins during testing and treatment.

During Each Treatment

* While performing NST (Neuromuscular Sensitivity Tests) the patient should briskly rub hands together for 15-30 seconds between touching samples.
* While receiving NAET desensitization procedures, please make a loose fist with your free hand, and prevent contact between the table and your clothing with your fingertips while testing.
* Do Not cross your hands, legs or ankles. Do Not read or touch other objects with finger tips during the 20 minute treatment.
* Patients should not have any companion with them, standing or sitting within the magnetic field during treatment (usually limited to ~5feet). No children or pets are allowed in the room during treatment unless they are involved in surrogate treatments.
* Do not eat lozenges or chew gum during NAET treatment.
After NAET Desensitization Treatments
In addition, please,
* You must wash your hands with plain water immediately after treatment and vigorously rub hands together for 30 seconds.
* Drink 4-8 bottles of water throughout the evening and day after treatment
* Avoid exposure to extreme hot or cold temperature after the treatment
* Do Not bathe or shower for 6 hours following the treatment
* Do Not exercise vigorously for 6 hours.
* Dr. Davis will ask you to avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours after the completion of treatment in the office. The success of your treatment is dependent upon avoiding eating, touching, breathing, and coming within 5 feet of the substance that was treated.
* Additionally, if someone has a hard time avoiding the allergen for some reason, they will be instructed on REBALANCING Gate Points every few hours before and after exposure to the allergen. A parent, spouse, or a patient’s caretaker may assist with this boosting of the treatment, if necessary.


Remember, it is imperative to schedule a follow-up appointment anytime after 25 hours, and at least within 7 days to make sure you have completed desensitization.


* Reschedule your NAET appointment if you are ill, extremely tired or stressed.
* Remind Dr. Davis and Faye if you have a history of ANAPHYLAXIS (i.e. swelling of face, airway, itching, hives, palpatations). Please inform them on the very first visit before beginning the testing and treatments. People with a history of this reaction should ALWAYS be treated through a surrogate. These patients are not required to hold the sample during the 20 minute desensitization period.
* Prospective NAET patients are encouraged to read Say Good-bye to Your Allergies, by Dr. Devi Nambudripad before beginning treatments.
* You are advised to CONTINUE ALL medications and treatment modalities as they have been prescribed, unless otherwise directed by the doctors who prescribed them. Please do not stop any of your current treatments unless specifically requested to do so for a specific treatment.
* NAET treatments while pregnant HAVE NOT been shown to cause any adverse effects to mother or fetus. In fact, tremendous benefits have been noted, including babies born with substantially fewer allergies compared to siblings who were not exposed to NAET.
* NAET treatments are not advisable during the first three days of the menstrual
cycle or anytime when the patient is fatigued, or feeling less than well.
* NAET treatments have NOT been shown to interfere with any other treatments, and it is advisable to continue that which assists your body in getting rid of toxins – you may benefit from other immune system supporting treatments like chiropractic adjustments, massage, yoga, meditation, and massage.



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