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Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjuctsment or spinal adjustment is the procedure taken by the chiropractor to correct the spinal vertebral subluxation The techniques were often handed down from generation to generation, the morden form of spinal manipulation techniques have characteristic biomechanical features, and are usually associated wian audible "popping" sound. Many adjustment techniques and methods have been developed through the years by chiropractors.

The International Chiropractor's Association (ICA) states that the "chiropractic adjustment is unique and singular to the chiropractic profession", and this it "is characterized by a specific thrust applied to the vertebra utilizing parts of the vertebra and contigous structures as levers to directionally correct articular malposition. Adjustment shall be differentiated from spinal manipulation in that the adjustment can only be applied to a vertebral malposition with the express intent to improve or correct the subluxation, whereas any joint, subluxated or not, may be manipulated to moblize the joint or to put the joint through its range of motion"

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment:  

Brain, Stress and Psychological Effects: Increased blood supply to the brain; improved concentration; reduced anxiety; reduced irrritability, depression, tiredness and clumsiness; relief from anorexia nervosa; improved memory; greater muscular relaxation; release of tissue memory; improved sleep, more energy.

Nervous System: Nerve irritation is relieved; pathological reflexes are blocked, eliminated or althered; meningeal stress is reduced; nerves receive better blood flow; better sym-pathetic and parasympathetic nerve balance; homeostasis is enhanced.

Immune System: Immune system function is enhanced; improved nerve supply to organs of immunity including spleen, tonsils, appendix and lymphoid tissue.

Neck and Head: Relief from heahache including migraine; relief from head pains, acute and chronic whiplash and post concussion syndrome; healthier discs; reduced disc pressure; disc healing from protrusion and herniation; better spinal balance; less "wear and tear" on joints and discs; TMJ syndrome relief.

Breathing and Lung Effects: Stress relieved from lungs; improvement of respiratory function, "opening" of lungs; improved breathing ability; improvement of bronchitis, allergies, sinusitus, common cold, pneumonia.

Sexual Organ Effects(Male): Improved sexual function; more energy; improved function of reproductive organs; including prostate; relief os testicular pain; correction of infertility (inability to conceive).

Cardiovascular: Greater nerve suppy to heart and coronary arteries; improved circulation; less nerve stress; normalization of blood pressure.

Digestion and Elimination: Improved digestion and elimination; improved funciton of throat, stomach and duodenum, small and large intestines, colon and anus; relief from ulcers; greater nerve supply to entire digestive tract, liver and gallbladder. Help with kidney, bladder, colon. Improved nerve supply to organs of elimination.

Eyes and Ears: Improved hearing, relief from vertigo, recovery from deafness,. Improved vision, eye function; increased vistual fields, recovery from blindness, help for cross-eye and nystagmus (wandering eye); improved nerve and blood supply to eyes and eye muscles.

Lower Back and Disc: Relief fromo acute and chironic lower back pain as well as acute and chronic whiplash; healthier discs; reduced disc pressure inclduing disc healing from protrusion and herniation. Prevention of future back surgery. Increased low back stability; hips and spine more balanced; less " wear and tear " on joint discs.

Upper Extremities: Relief from carpal tunel syndrom, should, arm and hand problems.

Lower Extremities: Hips, knees, feet more balanced; less pressure on nerves and joints, better balance, improved posture; relief from sciatica and leg pain.

Sexual Organ Effects(Female): Improved sexual funciton; more energy; imroved function of reproductive organs including ovaries, vagina and uterus. Correction of infertility (inability to conceive); improvement or amelioration or gynecological conditions such as menstrual pain, bloating and PMS; less severe morning sickness; less discomfort during pregnancy; easier childbirth and reduced labor; reduction in menopausal symptoms (depression, hot flashes, back or joint pain, irritability, headaches and/or fatigue).

Hormonal Effects: Improved thyroid function: better weight regulation. Diabetes symptoms alleviated; decreased nee for insulin.

Overall Effects on Body Structure: Less pressure on body in general; joints are aligned; weight is carried more evenly; better posture; more balance; more energy; muscles are stengthened and balanced; trigger points and hot spots are removed; increased flexibility; chemical balance is enhanced; excess free radical production is reduced.

Joints: Protection from possible reversal of arthritis; release of pressure on weight-bearing joints.

Sports Performance: Improved reaction time; increased speed, better performance, increased endurance, improved sense of body position.

Especially for Infants: Balanced symmetry of facial and cranial bones; correction of foot and hip inversion, club foot, hip dysplasia; improved ability to breastdeed. Improvement if colic, pyloric stenosis, constipation, fever. Protection from crib death. Better sleep; Conrrection of torticollis; improved neurologic development; relief from seizures; reversal of muscular dystrophy.

Especially for Children: Improved immune system for great resistance to disease; lessening and decresed severity of colds; absence ot decresed intensity of childhood diseases. Help for bed-wetting; relief from tonsillitis, fewer ear infections (and faster recovery); improved hearing; better lung and brouchial health; asthma relief. Improved IQ scores; Alleviation of attention dificit and learning disorders; decreased hyperactivity; improvement of speech disorders, autism, neuromuscular conditions, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, juvenile myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, lupus erythematosis. Bone grow in better relationship to gravity.














1. 各种过敏: 花粉过敏;环境过敏;食物过敏药物过敏


2. 各种疼痛: 颈椎疼痛;背痛;关节痛;关节炎;纤维组织炎

3. 皮肤疾病: 青春痘,湿疹,牛皮癣,皮炎

4. 消化系统疾病: 消化不良,食物反酸/反流,食欲不振/过强,食物上瘾,胆结石,肠漏综合症;肠炎;腹泻;便秘;真菌/念珠菌感染

5. 呼吸系统疾病:哮喘;支气管炎;慢性咳嗽

6. 耳鼻喉科:干眼症;耳道感染;过敏性鼻炎/鼻窦炎

7. 妇科疾病: 不孕症;经前综合症;更年期综合症

8. 神经科:头痛/偏头痛;坐骨神经痛;下颚关节紊乱;美尼尔氏症

9. 内分泌系统:内分泌紊乱;甲状腺功能紊乱;低血糖/高血糖;糖尿病


11. 营养不良:肥胖症;慢性疲劳综合症;骨质疏松;

12. 行为与情绪异常:抑郁症;焦虑症;心理失常;自闭症;多动症;老年痴呆症





吕占平医师从青岛大学医学院本科毕业后留校任教于生理病理系,1985年考入中国军事医学科学院研究生院师从吕永达教授从事缺氧状态下脑血管微循环研究,1988年获硕士学位,毕业后加入海军401医院航海病研究中心从事高压氧状态下脑血管微循环研究,同时担任高压氧科临床医生。1991 年赴美国南卡莱罗纳大学医学院任职客座教授。1995年考入美国PARKER 神经正骨(chiropractor)大学,1998年获博士学位,同时获得美国德州注册医师及针灸师执照,开始从事神经正骨及针灸医疗服务,并在美国德州创立了新星自然医疗中心,2003年学习NAET技术,2014年通过考试成为NAET教师。2012年创立了美国德州自闭症与多动症研究所。


 吕占平医师新书《 Say Yes to Natural Healing----Chiropractic, Acupuncture, NAET 》 2016在美国出版,该书为广大患者呈现了全新的健康理念与自然医疗技术。2015年吕占平医师与苏憬博士共同主持翻译编辑撰写了《NAET©顺势经络平衡技术》培训教材,并于5月及12月在北京联合大学校医院开办了《NAET©顺势经络技术》初级/中级陪训班,为中国培养了一批掌握这门全新自然医疗技术的临床医生。《NAET顺势经络平衡技术》给中国过敏及过敏性疾病的治疗带来了突破性新技术;为自闭症、多动症患者及情绪障碍者带来了新希望;为变态反应学科带来了新思维。



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