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Mother of 2 kids:

Patient Misty came to my office in July 2004 to seek a natural healing solution for her three times miscarriage, and she was eagerly to have a baby before she was getting old,  she also suffered low back pain, digestive problems, and overweight. With MRT we found out that she was allergy to certain foods and semen. We combined NAET treatment with acupuncture in the belt meridian, several months later, she found out she got pregnant again, and this time the pregnancy was stable and delivered a baby girl in April of 2006, she and her husband was happily brought her new born baby to my office, we were all happy for her family.
About 10 years later in June 2012, I met her in a restaurant when checking out, she was so excited to talk to me, and told me she got a boy second year after the first baby was born.

"Thanks to Dr. Lu for all of his help, I had this two beautiful children, thanks for the acupuncture, chiropractic and NAET technique provided in his office, and the staff in office were very friendly,  and I can’t say enough thanks to Dr. Lu"

Misty P.


25 Years PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

My name is Jodi Zolenger, and I’m here being treated, I came in for PMDD. It’s a premenstrual Dysphoric disorder, I’ve had it pretty much my whole life, almost twenty five years. It has a lot of side effects. Roughly two weeks out of every month I have extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, chronic fatigue, I have muscle pain and aches, it’s hard to sleep. Sometimes it’s hard just to leave the house. So that cycle has been going on for many years, I’ve tried a lot of different things from antidepressants to birth control to diet and exercise. Finally as a last stretch effort to get better I decided to have a hysterectomy. I didn’t want to but I thought that might help relieve all my problems. My sister suggested I try the NAET treatments. So I got on the internet and looked it up and decided to come here to see Doctor Lu. I’ve had 5 treatments I’m doing about 50% better. And I’m going to continue to do treatments and hopefully I’ll make a full recovery.                                                                                 Jodi





Dr. Lu Acu

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M.D. in China
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Member of ACA

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