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Overweight, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides

               I would like to share my success story. For over three years, my blood cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I did not want to take medicine.  I had been working out with a personal trainer, I was eating right, but nothing was working.  On 6/17/2013, I was tested, the results were not good. My total cholesterol was 216 mg, my triglycerides was 796 mg which scared me. I was very worried, but did not know what to do. Just at the time I was wondering what to do I received the information from Dr. Lu introducing his program of losing weight and normalizing blood cholesterol.
I came to Dr. Lu's office and was tested. The results showed I had many food sensitivities and body toxicities. My body weight was 216.2 lbs, body fat was 28.5%, visceral fat index was 12(Normal for man is 4-6.), BMI was 29.1, muscle was 33.1%. All these numbers illustrated that I had an unhealthy body composition.
Dr. Lu explained to me, his program includes allergy elimination with NAET, acupuncture, supplements and lifestyle changes. I immediately decided to start his program. After a couple treatments, I started to feel more energy, sleep better, and have less stress, I started losing weight and my stomach started shrinking,  I was so happy to see some results! I had to change my pants to a smaller size. My body composition numbers are changing to much healthier. In 4-6 weeks I loss 32 lbs (Right now I'm in maintain phase, I will lose more fat.) My fat percentage dropped from 28.5% to 22.4%, my visceral fat index dropped from 12 to 8. BMI dropped from 29.1 to 25.6, muscle increased from 33.1% to 36.4%.
Let me share with you my blood test. On 8/17/2013, I had another blood draw. The test result is that: Blood total cholesterol was 172 mg (normal range is 100-199 mg); triglycerides was 77mg (normal range is 0-149mg). It was amazing. Only in two months, my cholesterol and triglycerides became normal. 
My experience was so positive and successful that I have recommended Dr. Lu to my Mother, Father, Sister, girlfriend, brother in law and all of them are on the weight loss program and are losing weight now. I have also recommended his program to my co-workers as well. I hope that you will give his program a try if you do what Dr. Lu says for your body you will be successful. Dr. Lu's experience and expertise is the best in Dallas. He puts together several healing modalities including Chiropractic, allergy elimination, fat loss, acupuncture and Detox. This is an incredible combination that will get results! I wish everyone much success!                                                                                         
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