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Allergies, Respiratory Infections

I began treatment by Dr. Lu in March 2010 after an automobile accident.  I had been treated by another doctor for injuries in the accident and he had said there was nothing more he could do. Dr. Lu began to treat the back pain from the accident and in the course of discovery noticed my very bad allergies. So he started to treat my allergies with NAET, after several months of treatment I went back to the allergist for another series of tests and found out that my previous allergies no longer existed.  I was prone to many upper respiratory infections before treatment by Dr. Lu and those have not been recurring since.  Most recently I developed a severe reaction to Simvastatin, a medicine for cholesterol.  Dr. Lu treated for this reaction as well and it has greatly diminished and will soon be gone.  Dr. Lu’s application of centuries-old medicine combined with modern techniques such as NAET is a unique blend of skill that I have recommended to many of my friends.  He cares about his patients and treats each one according to their individual needs.  I will continue to see Dr. Lu for maintenance issues as I am convinced I have a better life quality under his care.        

Nowlin D.


Allergy, Chronic Cough

For many years, I have been suffering from chronic cough. I was treated by several medical doctors and took a lot of medicines, such as antibiotics, steroids, but nothing really works. I cough every day, especially in the mornings.  A friend of mine suggested me to try Dr. Lu for natural healing. I visited Dr. Lu, he used a technique called NAET to test me for allergies and found I was allergic to a lot of nutrients and foods.  Dr. Lu started to treat me for allergies, 4 to 5 times of treatments I start feel better. Later on when I entered into my office in the mornings, my coworkers noticed that I did not cough as I used to.  When I continued to receive more treatments, my cough was totally gone, know I am cough free. I was very happy with doctor Lu’s treatments.                                                                                                                                                                        T. Lee











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