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Allergies, Neck Pain

First of all I would like to express how blessed I feel that I have found Dr. Lu and he is my doctor.
I am a young person and after I had my son in 1999, I started having pain in my upper back especially in my neck and shoulders. Gradually pain got worse until my daughter’s birth in 2002 that I decided to look for further treatments. In 2002 I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disease in my neck and the pain was getting worse to the point that I spend months in bed. I have tried to seek treatment and completed two course of psychical therapy, massage and finally I had the cortisone injection into my spine which made me feel even worse with many side effects. I was feeling very ill and depressed due to my inability to function to my everyday life, even hanging with my kids was painful.
I had a pinched nerve between the C5th - 6th vertebras due to the degenerative disease.
This is when Dr. Lu came in to my life and works his miracles. Dr. Lu with combination of his treatments was able to take away my pain that was related to my pinched nerve but also treat me for a lot of allergies through NAET. I have been allergic for many years (which I have taken allergic shots for 4 years but did not really help) and Dr. Lu was able to treat me and take away many headaches that I used to have. I’m not depressed any more, I don’t have to deal with pain anymore because I have Dr. Lu. I feel so much healthier and happier. I can have fun with my kids, I maintain a very demanding full time position and I can say that I now live a very busy but fulfilling life.
THANKS to Dr. Lu and NAET.     

                                                                                    A. Wang


Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain

Dear Dr. Lu,

I had two neck surgeries for pain in my neck and pain and tingling in my right arm. After these surgeries I continued to have worse pain especially in my right arm. I was referred to a pain specialist by my neurosurgeon and had 12 injections in my neck with no relief. I then had my nerves blocked and burned by injection with no relief. The neurosurgeon was not helpful and only wanted to give me more pain medication. I was desperate for pain relief and was referred to you by a co-worker. Being a nurse I was skeptical about acupuncture or other treatment.

After about two weeks into your treatment of acupuncture and NAET (Allergy Elimination) I realized my pain was getting better. This is the first time in 10 years I have had any relief. I have had pain in my neck, right arm and back so long that it seemed strange that it was going away. It is the first time I have been able to sleep all night without medication and this week end I was able to hike two hours without pain. I will continue with my treatments from you and hope to continue to improve.
Dr. Lu I am thankful for you and especially your concern to help relieve my pain.

Thank you very much,        

                                                                                          Donna  R.N.

Allergy, Knee Pain

Hi, my name is Penelope and I’ve been undergoing NAET with Doctor Lu and the differences is like night and day for my knee pain. I have a big allergic reaction to a lot of things in the world and the reaction affects my knee and causes knee pain. So, it’s almost completely disappeared and the key factors turned out I was allergic to my own cartilage and bone and synovial fluid, so Doctor Lu treated me for that package. And the other key factors were severe allergies to amebae acids and vegetable mix. So those three mixes, the effects were like night and day. I’m just ecstatic, I would certainly recommend it to anyone.                                                                

   Penelope O.

Neck/Back Pain, Emotional Disorder

I came to Dr. Lu when I had my back problem, I had an upper back problem with a lot of stiffness in the neck a lot of left should blade pain and inflammation and burning for mostly a year and a half. Started with steroids and pain killers with medication, physical therapy. I was able to get rid of it for some time but the pain kept coming back. This went on and on for so much time that I was really in a lot of pain. I came to Dr. Lu when I was in too much pain, I was trying to find out a treatment for my problem so I could stop the medications and decided to fix on that. Dr. Lu looked at the MRI and diagnosed maybe he would be able to help me. After about six to seven treatments I see a lot of difference with the pain. I’m not taking any kind of pain killer or medication now, my neck is not stiff and the pain has reduced to about 70-80%. I’m going to continue treatment and see how after I’ve done I’m really positive that all this pain will go away and I’m not going to be dependent on medication. I really appreciate Dr. Lu help as well as his treatments and I hope to get continuous relief from my pain and get rid of my problem forever. He’s using chiropractic to fix my neck and acupuncture, the combination is helping me a lot. Emotionally he’s treating me with a different technique, NAET. I was really stressed about the pain and I really appreciate the doctor’s help on this one.                                                                                                                                                                                    Anjali

Allergies, Knee Pain

My name is Joanne Armstrong and I’ve had knee pains for about 15 or 20 years and allergies all my life. I recently had a knee replacement for one of the knees but after I had it, it didn’t feel any different, in fact it felt worse. So after about 2 years my Doctor said that they may be cut a nerve in it so I came to Doctor Lu, he treat me with NAET and after about 3 treatments it’s done a lot better.  The other knee is almost well and it didn’t even have a knee replacement at all. It’s doing a lot better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Joanne









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