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Migraine Headache

My name is Molly Powell and I had a headache for 43 days. I went to several doctors; I talked to my primary care physician, neurologist, been to the ER, different chiropractors, massage therapists and nothing worked. I tried at least 15 different medicines, and nothing has worked. I was referred to Doctor Lu by a friend and I'm going on my fifth treatment now and I'm feeling almost back to normal completely. I'm feeling a lot better, I haven't felt like a normal person in quite some time. I'm feeling really good now. We are using the NAET technique, it's an allergy treatment and it is the only thing that has worked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Molly                                                                                       


Dr. Lu at New Star Chiropractic has helped improve my health conditions in multiple ways.
I first visited Dr. Lu in 2005 when I had a bad Meniere’s disease, when my primary care doctor declared that it was in-curable, and when I almost had to quit my job. Dr. Lu told me that my condition could be greatly improved in a few weeks. Having nothing else to lose, I started to try it out, even though I had a big doubt. The treatment did help a lot, and I started to gain a lot of confidence in Dr. Lu.
Later days, when I had numb fingers and stress, I also seek help from Dr. Lu. The treatment all worked very well for me. I have nothing but trust Dr. Lu s magic treatment. 
Dr. Lu uses combines of acupuncture and NAET to help my condition.
Dr. Lu has a very good understanding of both Chinese and Western medicine, and I believe this contributes him in determining the root cause of the pain and setting up appropriate treatment plans. NAET treatment is pain free.
                                                                                                            Y.C. Pan

Allergy, Sciatic Pain

My name is Jane White, I’ve been coming to Dr. Lu for a few months. Started with Sciatic pain which is almost completely gone now. I can sit easily, I can walk easily, we worked on some allergy issues with NAET, and I’m feeling better. I think my health is better, my friends say my skin looks healthy and I have more energy than I have had in a long time.                                                                                                                               

I'm Aimee Stowe, and I've been seeing Dr. Lu for about a month now. When I first came here, I was having chronic seizures where I was almost daily having seizures. I had a stroke about three years ago, so I've been dealing with these seizures for about three years. I've been to two neurologists and doctors. They put me on several different medicines that kept making me sick, so I've finally gotten off everything and came to see Dr. Lu for other problems. Then, I started noticing that the seizures just went away. I've only had one big one, but after that it stopped. I can be around anything; I can be around other people and go out in public still not having seizures. I'm still doing treatments, still working on asthma, nose, and weight loss, but I'm excited because I'm not having seizures anymore.

I'm Aimee Stowe, and this is my tenth treatment of NAET. Things are going very well! When I did my first treatment about two months ago, I was having daily seizures. Then, I noticed that they stopped. On the fourth treatment, I had a treatment for Vitamin B, which I was very allergic to. I had a really bad seizure on that day because I got involved with Vitamin B when I smelled it. Six treatments later, there are still no seizures. Now, I've noticed that my asthma is getting better to where I don't have to take steroids anymore. My nose is starting to feel better. I'm starting to feel a little bit better. My hearing in my right ear was starting to go away, but that's coming back. So, it is pretty amazing that this is happening! I'm going to keep going!

Aimee Stow









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