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My name is Robin, I am a pre-diabetic/diabetic person. I’ve had this for about four to 6 years and my A1C kept steadily climbing. But I went yesterday after a little over two months of NAET treatment with Doctor Lu and my diabetic A1C range was normal and this is a very good thing.         


Liver Problem

About six months ago I had blood work done, and it reported that my liver count was low. This was right after I had started seeing Dr. Lu. So, I told Dr. Lu about it, and we combined a treatment of NAET and liver-support enzyme. The second blood work I had three months later was about the same. The third blood work I had three months after that showed an improvement towards normal. The fourth blood work which I just had showed that my liver count now is in the normal range, and I account for a lot of that to Dr. Lu's treatment. I thank him very much for keeping me from having to do liver biopsies and other bad things!                                              
Jane W.

Before I started Dr. Lu's treatment,  I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and blood sugar over last six or seven years. Dr. Lu treated me with NAET and body detoxification, in one month I lost about 25 pounds. I just had a blood test done on last Friday (3/21/2014), everything is back to normal range as well. It is happened since I started Dr. Lu's program. Now I have a lot of energy and feel a lot of better on my daily bases.

Brian W.

Over Weight, High Blood Pressure, & Pain

I've been following Doctor Lu's program with NAET treatment, I've lost about 21 pounds, I have also been taking blood pressure medicine for about 20 years. I was able to have my blood pressure go down to where I was just taking half a pill and now it's pretty stabilized and pretty soon I'm going be off of the blood pressure medicine completely, after I lose a few more pounds.                                                                                        Carolyn (2)
I took blood pressure medicine for about 20 or more years. After doing Doctor Lu’s program I have lost weight, and I’ve lost pain. I’ve stopped taking the blood pressure medicine that I’ve been taking. I’ve stopped that for about 4 months and my blood pressure seems to be staying normal.                                                  Carolyn (4)

Overweight/ High Blood Pressure

My name is Phil Bledsoe, I've lost 15 pounds on Dr. Lu's program with NAET in the first two weeks and I have a whole lot more energy on a daily basis to be able to do many things. 
In one month, I've lost 25 pounds and maintained the same weight loss for over a month now. I no longer have to take blood pressure medicine and I feel a lot more energetic than most people in my age.                      Philip B.

Over Weight, High Blood Pressure

I came to Doctor Lu about 2 months ago. I was found to be allergic to lots foods and nutrients, Dr. Lu has been treating me through NAET. In about 6 weeks I've lost 33 pounds. My energy level has gone up dramatically. My blood pressure has come down dramatically so I'm very pleased with the results so far. I just want to let you to know also that I went to our personal physician some weeks ago my blood pressure was somewhere around 140/90 and he wanted me to take blood pressure medicine I chose, instead, to come to Doctor Lu. Now my blood pressure has been running about normal every day, around the neighborhood of 105-110/65-70 so I'm very pleased with my blood pressure. Again my energy level has dramatically improved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Larry O.







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