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Allergies, Emotional disorder, Disability

             I’ve started NAET treatments with Dr. Lu, this will be my 12th appointment today. It’s been going well so far. I’ve been on disability for four years due to severe allergies to almost everything, and also anxiety with agoraphobia. So far I’ve been treating and gotten a lot of improvement and I’m looking forward to continuing getting all the way better, getting off disability.                                                                                                                       


Emotion, Anxiety, Stress

            Since we’ve been doing NAET treatments, we’re halfway through, I think, all the physiological things such as, stress, anxiety, are better. Getting color back in my hair, concentrate better, better recovery after workouts, better concentration at work, all the small things add up to be big things. We’ve really come along, I’m very happy with the progress, seems to really bring out the details of the nutrition, and makes them more nutritious. I don’t take as much and working really well.  
David W.

Marriage life

Dear Dr. Lu,                                        
I want to express my sincerest thanks to you here for bringing a happy and healthy relationship back to my wife and me.
My wife and I had been having some problems for a while. We often argue over some minor issues. We knew those were just some small issues and it was probably not worthy of our time fighting over it. But we both just could not help and did not know what went wrong.
Then my wife was referred by another doctor to try treatment by Dr. Lu. Initially my wife came to see Dr. Lu just because she had pain in her chin (later it was diagnosed as TMJ). Dr. Lu determined it had to do with the imbalance between my wife’s energy level and that of mine. Dr. Lu suggested that both my wife and I go together for some treatment with NAET. At first my wife was a little suspicious. After several weeks of treatment, our relationships were dramatically improved and we did not argue as much as we did in the past. We are so happy now that we are having a happy life again. Thank you very much Dr. Lu!  We will definitely recommend you to our friends.                                                                                                                                     David L.

TMJ, Marriage life

Dear Dr. Lu,                

Thank you very much for your treatment to my TMJ problem. I feel much better now. You not only gave me excellent treatment, but also help me recognize how this problem formulated. You help me understand that there are many situations that could contribute to this sickness. One of the major situation is psychological one- bad spiritual mood, anxiety, anger etc. I recalled that since I had this problem, I always had bad temper. My husband and I always quarrel with each other over small issues. Then you suggested that both my husband and I come together for a treatment with NAET to improve our relationships. At first I did not believe it, but just agree to give it a try. After only two treatments, both my husband and I feel that it really worked. Now I have a good mood and feel happy every day. I am really glad that I have visited Dr. Lu. Thank you very much.     

Kathy Z.

Emotional Stress
I have been treated five time now for some very emotional things, and I feel huge difference, especially when went to public in a very stressful situations with my two year old and four year old at public, grocery store when I dropped things, they crying, and people look at me, I feel way ore in control then I did before, less emotional, less and I have a more a calm feeling then I did before.



Panic & Anxiety
Dr. Lu has improved the quality of my life. Unlike most patients who go see a chiropractor for back or neck problems, I went to see Dr. Lu to help me with my anxiety and panic. I have debilitating panic and anxiety from my childhood.  I could not sleep alone, could not cross a bridge, and could drive when I grew up.  Through a referral, I was told that Dr. Lu could help with panic and anxiety. I was pleased with the NAET treatments I received. After two months NAET treatments, I could drive more than 40 miles an hour and I got my driver's license two years ago. Now I diver to work by myself. That's the most improvement of my life. Thank you, Dr. Lu.

Irene T.







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