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V:     Digestive Disorder:    Acid Reflux; Addiction; Leaky Gut Syndrome; ColitisDiarrhea; Constipation; Candida/Yeast; Gallstone

Digestive Disorder

I have had numerous digestive problems and lots of pain in my stomach and my back for a number of years now, about 12 to 15 years. I've had a very difficult time having it treated. I've been to about 20 different doctors. I've been diagnosed with everything that you could imagined and been through every test you can imagine. From colonoscopies and biopsies and CAT scans and barium tests and endoscopies and nobody seems to be able to tell me exactly what was wrong. So I came to Doctor Lu and was tested for allergies, Dr. Lu found that I had various allergies and Dr. Lu has been treating those allergies through NAET ,  I feel significantly better now, my symptoms are a lot less, I have a lot less pain a lot less bloating. I'm able to eat the foods I want again, which has been a long time. Eggs, for example, haven't eaten eggs in about 2 years, I can finally eat eggs now so that's very good. I feel a lot better, I have a lot more energy, I think there's still some things we need to work on we're going to improve that even more excited to finish off treatments.                                                                                  



Digestive Disorder, Hiccup

My hiccups began about 7 years ago, mild at first, a little bit more regular than most peoples. Maybe 45 minutes a couple of times a week. They progressed over the next five years, beginning about two years ago, they began where they were multiple hours a day multiple days in a month. In this past March, I began seeing specialists to try to solve why I was having this conditions. Starting with the gastrointestinal, I had acid reflux and I thought that was probably a good starting point. After an endoscopy, which resulted in aspiration and 4 days in the hospital with pneumonia I was unsuccessfully diagnosed to any link to the problem. Which lead to barium enemas, barium chest x-rays, CAT scans, lead to colonoscopies, lead to neurology, lead to cardiovascular surgeon, nose and throat, thyroid was a potentially that became endocrinology and all of them, none successfully diagnosed or treat why I was having the hiccups and more importantly unable to stop them. So it was a failure until my visit with Doctor Lu and it took 45 minutes to stop them. Dr. Lu treated me with a technique called NAET, it really works. Dr. Lu also found that I have a lot of food allergies which cause my problem. I will continue the NAET treatment to clear up all my food allergies.  Thanks to Dr. Lu and NAET.      


Digestive Disorder, Acid Reflux

 I had digestive problems for five years or so, have acidy disease, IBS, and I was on medication before, and it didn’t really do much besides cancelled the symptoms for a period of time, so I decided to do something and I came to see Dr. Lu a couple weeks ago started NAET, and it actually make a huge difference and 40~50% of digestive problems getting better. My digestive problems would have burning session, heart burn, gas, pain, bloating, etc., everything comes alone with acid reflux disorder, and it’s finally getting a lot better, still get more treatments to fix it all, so far, I have only 4 treatments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Alyssa

Digestive Disorder

In a most abrupt manner, my stomach refused to take in any type of animal protein. I could no longer eat any dairy foods, meat, and eggs without feeling like I was going to vomit.  I tried to fight through it for a couple of months, but my body was becoming weaker and my situation wasn’t getting any better. Finally, my father decided to go to Dr. Lu who helped a friend overcome her allergies to grass.
When I arrived for the appointment, Dr. Lu tested me with the foods I was allergic to in a harmless, yet amazing assessment of my body’s resistance to certain foods. After the treatment with NAET I was told to not touch or eat the food I was treated for that session for 25 hours. After the first couple of treatments, I could begin eating eggs again. Dr. Lu taught me a specific type of massage I had given myself on my stomach to help loosen my stomach which was unnaturally hard. I came on a weekly basis and one by one, I could begin eating foods that I was denied for months. The NAET treatment that Dr. Lu treated me with is amazing! I was not required to take any medicine or receive any type of surgery. I was merely told to hold a vial of the allergy we were treating in my hand and given a treatment of acupuncture. In a beautifully natural way I was able to be restored to my original state, allergic to practically nothing. Once I was free of the burden of being unable to eat naturally, I never had the problems again.                          


Acid Reflux

I've come to see Doctor Lu because I wanted to minimize the side effects of my hepatitis B treatment for my liver. And because I did his NAET process plus acupuncture I've had none of the side effects the doctors told me about. Furthermore, for years, since I've been a child I've had an acid reflux problem. I had surgeries in 1959, that was 50 years ago, but since I've been doing the NAET in conjunction with watching my diet I've had no problems whatsoever with my acid reflex.

Kallol C.


Acid Reflux

Hello, my name is Anjali, I had acid reflux for twenty years with migraines. Every month I would throw up and have lots of acids from my stomach. I have tried a lot of treatments, including homeopathy first for a year, which is not helpful, so I continued taking anti-acid medicine when have severe acidity. So I changed my diets so that made some difference too, but with irregular eating patterns I still have the acid problem. I started seeing Dr. Lu and he started treating me with NAET, and I have been much better now, the acid problem is very little now and I really appreciate Dr. Lu treating me with a different kind of Technology which does not involve medications. I hope I will be totally cured and am going the right direction. Thank you Dr. Lu for using this different approach which actually eliminates the acid with NAET. I really appreciated Dr. Lu. I'm feeling almost eighty percent better now. I'm still keeping tract of my diet and follow the instructions. I think I will be completely cured in a couple of weeks.                                                                                                                                                                     Anjali T.








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