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I'm a patient of Dr. Zhanping Lu.  I've been coming to Doctor Lu since 2005. I had extremely bad allergies. I actually couldn't work for a period of time. I was too weak, I was sick. I was taking fluids, Claritin D, all kind of synthetic medicines and I just didn't feel better. I had to search for a natural doctor, one who would be able to treat allergies in a natural form. I found Doctor Lu and he treated me with NAET, I can tell you since that time he has been phenomenal. He's been really good, and I've been coming to him since then for maintenance, and I tell you from the first treatment I felt the difference right away, I was able to breath. I've not been on Claritin since 2005, no medicines for allergies. It has been perfect. I'm now even brining my son to get treatment, who has bad allergies. NAET is a really good treatment system and I really recommend it. Try it, you will love it.


Allergies, Headaches

I am currently undergoing the NAET treatment for the allergies. That’s been amazing and successful to the point where I traveled this past weekend to where we always go and for eight years I’ve consistently had a headache every time I go to this place down by the coast. This time I did not have a headache for the first time in eight years, I can’t believe it! In addition to doing the NAET I’ve had the acupuncture in the sinus regions and I can’t believe it! I’ve gone almost a week without headaches, or pressure. It’s the first time in my entire life! This is huge.


Allergies, Eye Tremor

I’ve been coming to Doctor Lu since last August to treat several problems that I had since 1996. I fell down a flight of stairs and I was sent to nine different doctors because I have severe allergies and some very strange symptoms. I had ringing in my ear, and eye tremors. I could hold them still but that required injections into the eyes every 3 months. At the beginning of December of 2011 after my NAET treatment with Dr. Lu I no longer needed those injections, and my eyes don’t have a tremor anymore. So I sleep better, I don’t have as many muscle problems in my face. My tinnitus has improved, at times it’s been very tolerable. The ongoing treatment has really been a feat to me, especially in comparison to physical therapy which did not really have a lasting effect or any type of healing. I’ve also been able to cut down on the medications that I take so it’s really been a good experience and would encourage anyone to consider NAET treatment. Especially when the west medical Doctors not really helping.                                                                                                                                                                                             Betty










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